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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Now we have a series!

Just when pundits and basketball fans alike despaired that the NBA Finals would be about as competitive as Mike Tyson is these days, the Detroit Pistons rediscovered their trademark suffocating defense in a 96-79 game three win over the San Antonio Spurs. As I mentioned in my 2005 NBA Finals Preview, there is a James Bond-like quality to this Detroit Pistons team--they place themselves in seemingly hopeless situations only to emerge triumphant at the end, much like Agent 007. Against the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals the Pistons fell behind 3-2 before routing the Heat in game six and becoming the first team in 23 years to win an Eastern Conference Finals game seven on the road. The Pistons also recovered from a 3-2 deficit against the two-time defending Eastern Conference Champion New Jersey Nets in the 2004 Eastern Conference Semifinals. If Detroit can sustain game three's energy level this series could go from 2-0 San Antonio to 3-2 Detroit very quickly!

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