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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

NBA Legends Pay Dues Again

The April 9 edition of USA Today contained an interesting article by Chris Colston titled "NBA Legends Pay Dues Again." According to Colston's research, out of 148 assistant coaches in the NBA there are 55 who played in the NBA and/or ABA, 13 of whom made the All-Star team at least once. Six of those players are Hall of Famers (counting Adrian Dantley, who will be enshrined with this year's class) and three of them were selected to the NBA's 50 Greatest Players List.

Looking at Colston's list, I realized that I have interviewed two of the three Top 50 players, four of the six Hall of Famers and nine of the 13 All-Stars. Here are links to some of the stories that I have done that feature quotes from All-Stars who have become coaches:

Dropping Knowledge--Mark Aguirre, New York assistant coach

Cowens Helped Restore Celtics Pride--Dave Cowens, Detroit assistant coach

A True Basketball Artist--Alex English, Toronto assistant coach

From "Hoya Destroya" to Yao's Mentor--Patrick Ewing, Orlando assistant coach (Ewing worked for Houston at the time this article was published)

The Legacy of the ABA--Maurice Lucas, Portland assistant coach (this article is not specifically about Lucas but it contains a quote from him about his ABA teammate Artis Gilmore)

The Numbers Don't Lie--Bob McAdoo, Miami assistant coach

James Silas: "Captain Late" Commanded Respect in the Clutch (Part II)--Doug Moe, Denver assistant coach (this article is not about Moe but it includes his memories about coaching Silas and coaching against Silas)

Dependable and Durable--Jack Sikma, Houston assistant coach

Celtic Sub Shined Brightly as a Sun--Paul Westphal, Dallas assistant coach

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