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Friday, May 04, 2007

Catching Up With...Greg "Special K" Kelser

The May issue of Basketball Times contains my article about Greg "Special K" Kelser, who starred alongside Magic Johnson on Michigan State's 1979 NCAA Championship team. Injuries shortened his NBA career but Kelser had 19 points, nine assists and eight rebounds in Michigan State's 75-64 championship game win over Larry Bird's Indiana State team. That game will always be remembered for the Magic-Bird showdown but the Spartans would not have won without Kelser's near triple-double. As Kelser told me, "When I look back on it, if you just briefly mention the game it's always going to be 'Earvin Magic Johnson versus Larry Bird' but if you get into discussion about the game then my name has to come up because I think that I played that significant of a factor in the outcome."

The Kelser article is not available online but if Basketball Times is not sold in your area you can click on this link for subscription information:

Basketball Times

Also, Kelser co-wrote a book last year titled Gregory Kelser's Tales from Michigan State Basketball, which can be ordered here.

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