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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hitting/Fixing the Links

As some of you have already noticed, none of the links to my 23 NBCSports.com articles work. I have decided to remedy this situation by reprinting each of those articles as a 20 Second Timeout post and then replacing the broken links with permalinks to those posts; I have also updated several of the older articles with the most recent statistics, so even if you read these pieces when they first were published they are definitely worth checking out again--and before anyone says anything, yes I know that the charts are more difficult to read when posted here than they were at NBCSports.com. I did the best that I could with this template and I think that, combined with the material in the main articles, the charts are understandable. If someone has an idea about how to post the charts in a more readable fashion here I'd be glad to do so.

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