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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Lindy's Pro Basketball 2007-08: Hot off the Presses

For the third straight year, I wrote the Denver Nuggets preview for Lindy's Pro Basketball (I hope Nuggets' fans aren't blaming me for their team's failure to advance past the first round of the playoffs during this period); this year, I also wrote the previews for the Sacramento Kings (second year in a row), Houston Rockets and Phoenix Suns. As always, each team preview includes a brief sidebar story. I chose Allen Iverson, Reggie Theus, Luis Scola and Grant Hill, respectively, as the subjects.

The issue contains a feature story by Jon Marks about the 1983 Philadelphia 76ers championship team, a feature story by Roland Lazenby about the rise of LeBron James--and a feature story by Lazenby about Greg Oden/Kevin Durant, only one of whom will actually be able to play this year, sadly.

If Lindy's is not on the shelves of your local bookstore, complain to the management! Or, you can click here and order a copy with the cover of your choice (14 different options).

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