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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hall of Fame Pictures

These images from Saturday's Hall of Fame Induction Celebration, hosted by the Mohegan Sun, are provided courtesy of Michelle Royce Williams. The first picture features Dick Vitale and his wife Lorraine, while the second picture features Patrick Ewing and his son Patrick Ewing, Jr. A crowd of nearly 1500 people in the Uncas Ballroom saw the entire 2008 Hall of Fame class receive their Hall of Fame rings. Each new Hall of Famer also brought a loved one on stage to share some stories with the audience.

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At Wednesday, September 10, 2008 11:57:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great HOF coverage. I know this question is off-topic, but I am curious what you think about Kobe's decision to continue putting off surgery on his pinkie finger. The rehab is supposed to be 12 weeks, and we have 7 weeks until the Lakers' season opener, so it's not like he would miss a ton of the regular season. In fact, he would just come back fully healthy and likely be fresher than everyone else come playoff time. Seems something of a questionable decision to me -- assuming, of course, that the initial injury had any severity. I'm beginning to question the degree to which this injury even happened or was anything more than negligible.

Anyhow, I say all this as a big Kobe fan and as one who appreciates your blogging. Just wanted to be clear that I'm not gratuitously knocking KB.

At Wednesday, September 10, 2008 3:54:00 PM, Blogger David Friedman said...


Kobe's decision to put off the surgery surprised me but unlike a lot of other people who are instantly jumping to conclusions based on their own biases I am simply not sure what to make of this, so I think that what Kobe said (on his website) has to be taken at face value: he does not want to risk missing any playing time when the Lakers face a tough battle for Western Conference supremacy.

Make no mistake about the severity of the injury: I saw the finger up close during All-Star Weekend (shortly after the injury) and talked with Kobe about it. Kobe has a torn ligament and an avulsion fracture in his pinkie; that is not him making something up or "faking," as some people like to say: that is a medical diagnosis and what it means in layman's terms is that the ligament tore so violently that it ripped away a piece of the bone. The reason that the finger is taped is because without that ligament functioning the finger droops off to the side (i.e., away from his body). Kobe told me that the doctors said it can't be damaged any worse if it gets hit again but right now he basically cannot use that digit; when he gets hit on it the finger goes numb for a few minutes. Just imagine trying to shoot, pass or dribble with one finger being completely numb! I'm surprised that Kobe played as well as he did with the injury; maybe he just has gotten used to it.

His decision to gut it out and not get a surgery that could cause him to miss playing time stands in sharp contrast to Shaq waiting to get toe surgery because he got hurt on "company time," as he put it.


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