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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Erving Auction Nets Record $3.5 Million

SCP Auctions just sold more than 100 items from Julius Erving's personal collection for a record $3.5 million. The most expensive single item was Erving's 1974 ABA championship ring, signifying the first of three titles Erving's teams won during his 16 year professional career; that ring sold for $460,741, reportedly the most money ever paid for a championship ring. SCP President David Kohler noted that championship rings generally sell for less than $25,000 and that he did not expect that Erving's rings would sell for more than $50,000 each (Erving's 1976 ABA championship ring sold for $195,396 and his 1983 NBA championship ring sold for $244,240, making it the second most expensive item in the auction).

The Associated Press reported that the Philadelphia 76ers bought 10 lots containing a total of 18 items and that the team plans to publicly display the Erving memorabilia. New 76ers CEO Adam Aron added that he would like for Erving to rejoin the franchise in some as yet undetermined capacity. Erving played 11 seasons for the 76ers, making the All-Star team every year, earning seven All-NBA First or Second Team selections and playing a major role for the 1983 championship team that set a record by going 12-1 in the playoffs (the 2001 Lakers broke that mark by going 15-1).

You can see a complete list of the items and their final prices here (after arriving at the SCP website, click on the links for the November 2011 auction).


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