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Friday, June 27, 2014

Highlights from First Virginia Squires Reunion

The Virginia Squires recently celebrated their first reunion. The franchise's two most famous alumni, Hall of Famers Julius Erving and George Gervin, both attended, along with former owner Earl Foreman and former Coach Al Bianchi. Here is a brief interview with Erving; check out the still photo around the :18 mark for a great image of a young Dr. J defying gravity:

Erving, Gervin and their former teammates enjoyed reminiscing with each other and with local fans:

Wavy.com posted a two part history of the Squires. Part One includes a great shot of Erving lofting a finger roll over Artis Gilmore (check out the video around the 1:57 mark):

History of the Virginia Squires, Part One

Part Two details the franchise's demise after the cash-strapped Foreman sold Erving to the New York Nets and sold Gervin to the San Antonio Spurs:

History of the Virginia Squires, Part Two

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