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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Two Random NFL Musings

You can expect to hear a mixture of things at Cavs' games: pro-Cavs cheers dominate, of course, but sometimes there will also be a vocal contingent offering support for the visiting team. When the Browns qualified for the playoffs a few years ago, that announcement prompted a lot of applause at what was then known as Gund Arena (the basketball team was not doing much to warrant cheers at that time). Saturday night's Cavs-Heat game supplied an interesting and very unexpected chant: "Fire Millen," which was accompanied by several fans toting signs expressing the same sentiment about the architect of the debacle that is Detroit Lions football. Millen's "fan club" seems to be determined to make its feelings known throughout the sports world.

My second random NFL musing does not even tangentially relate to basketball, but I just want to throw it out there: has anyone else considered the possibility that the Indianapolis Colts might go 16-0 and then lose to the resurgent New England Patriots in the playoffs? If that happens and the Patriots go on to win an unprecedented third straight Super Bowl, where would the Patriots rank in NFL history? Where would the Colts' "perfect season" rank if the Patriots spoil it in the playoffs?

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