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Friday, August 18, 2006

Bruce Bowen is Cut From the World Championship Roster

Bruce Bowen has been cut from Team USA's roster for the upcoming FIBA World Championships. He is still a member of the 24 man unit from which Team USA's active roster for international play will be selected until 2008, just like Kobe Bryant, Amare Stoudemire and the other players who are not able to participate in the World Championships for various reasons.

I don't have a real problem with Bowen not being on the active roster. He played the fewest minutes of the players who made it to the final 15 and cutting him was the logical move. However, in light of Team USA's supposed shift from constructing a roster composed purely of All-Stars to one that also has role players, this is an interesting situation. If Bowen cannot make the active roster at a time when high profile stars like Bryant and Stoudemire are unavailable then what are the realistic chances that he will play in the Olympics or any other international event? In effect, it seems like he will basically be a practice player who gets to play in some exhibitions. Right now Bowen and the coaching staff place a positive spin on this, but I wonder if Bowen--and other roster players who are in the same situation--will continue to feel so warmly about this if it becomes clear that they have little or no chance to actually play for the USA in events that count.

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