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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A Glimpse Into How NBA Teams Prepare for Preseason Games Against International Teams

Denver's 13-3 Monday Night Football win over Baltimore raised some puzzling NFL questions: 1) How is it possible for a team to have six yards passing in the first half and still win? 2) How come the entire Cleveland Browns' defensive line has been transplanted to Denver with great success while the Browns continue to be one of the worst teams in the league? Basketball fans, however, will be more interested in this "nugget" from Denver Nuggets' star Carmelo Anthony, who was interviewed by sideline reporter Michele Tafoya. She asked him about Denver's upcoming preseason games and he mentioned that the Nuggets are about to play "some Turkish team that I don't know (anything) about." That "Turkish team" is Efes Pilsen, a squad that reached the Euro League quarterfinals the last two years. I can understand why the Nuggets are not doing in depth scouting for a preseason game against a team that they will not face in the regular season but since Melo is a key member of Team USA one would hope that he and the rest of the team are making some effort to learn about players that they might face in the Olympics in 2008. As a public service for Melo, the Nuggets and anyone else who might be interested, here is some information about that "Turkish team":

Efes Pilsen

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