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Friday, November 10, 2006

Microfracture Surgery 101, Part II

In a recent post titled Microfracture Surgery 101, I discussed how this procedure was developed and some of the obstacles athletes face during their rehabilitation from it. During Friday's NBA Shootaround, ESPN's Ric Bucher said that we are all going through "microfracture surgery 101" (catchy title). The latest installment in the course is the news that Denver's Kenyon Martin will need surgery on his right knee. This is in the wake of the microfracture surgery that he had on his left knee. Amare Stoudemire went through this as well: players who try to come back too quickly from microfracture surgery are not only placing great stress on the repaired joint but also on the previously healthy one. As I wrote in my first post about this, I strongly believe that doctors and trainers are going to have to adjust the timetables that these athletes are using. Bernard King blazed the trail for athletes to push the envelope in coming back from ACL surgery but this microfracture surgery is an entirely different deal.

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