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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Catching Up With...Dave Bing, One of The NBA's 50 Greatest Players

The February issue of Basketball Times includes my article about Dave Bing, who starred at Syracuse before earning recognition as one of the NBA's 50 Greatest Players. Perhaps the most fascinating thing about Bing is that after he reached the pinnacle athletically he did not rest on his laurels; instead, he embarked on an extraordinarily successful business career, building Bing Steel from scratch into an industry leader. Now called Bing Group, the corporation has expanded from steel into real estate and other fields. He wishes that today's great athletes had a better understanding of how to most effectively utilize the prominence that they have achieved and the large amounts of money that they make: "If four or five of these high-paid players would get together they would have enough capital, enough assets, to be able to go out collectively and buy Fortune 500 companies. They could really make a real difference in urban America--and make money doing that. We just have to get these guys to think differently."

The article is not available online but here is a link to Basketball Times' website if you would like to purchase the magazine: http://www.basketballtimes.com/

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