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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ballhype's Playoff Pick'em Contest

I finished 13th overall out of 554 entrants in Ballhype.com's Playoff Pick'em Contest but second among the members of the "Carnival of the NBA Group." The scoring was not based strictly on picking the winners correctly because picking an underdog that won carried more weight than picking a favorite that won. Also, you could change your pick during a series but even if your new pick was right you still would not get as many points as someone who chose correctly before the series began. A significant chunk of my points came from correctly predicting before the playoffs began that San Antonio would beat Cleveland in the NBA Finals. On the other hand, I would have had a much higher score if I would have latched onto the Utah Jazz sooner or picked Detroit to beat Chicago.

The person who narrowly edged me for first place among "Carnival" members only recently joined the "Carnival," so he graciously decided that I should receive the top prize, an "Orange Roundie" t-shirt; "Orange Roundie" is a copyrighted phrase that the YaySports!NBA blog coined to describe a version of the NBA's synthetic basketball that tells its own life story.

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