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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Preseason Roundtable at Clutch 3

I recently participated in a preseason roundtable with several other NBA bloggers. We offered our takes on the Shawn Marion situation, our picks to win each conference and the NBA championship, our predictions about who will win the MVP plus some thoughts on several other pertinent topics (the questions were posed and answered before Jerry Buss reopened the whole Kobe Bryant situation, so that matter was not addressed). You can check out the roundtable here.

Observant readers may notice that my take on the Memphis Grizzlies in the roundtable is more optimistic than the viewpoint expressed in my Western Conference preview--and there is a very good explanation for that. I submitted my roundtable answers before I saw Memphis lose a game in the NBA Europe Live Tour. The two NBA teams that lost a game in Europe last year--Clippers, 76ers--did not make the playoffs. Although my initial thought had been that the Grizzlies will be much better with a healthy Gasol, Memphis looked so soft in the loss to Unicaja Malaga that I downgraded my opinion.

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