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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cavs Rout Listless Knicks, 119-101

L.A. Lakers versus anyone has been the most popular pick for NBA TV's "Fan Night" each Tuesday but this week LeBron James' much hyped appearance in Madison Square Garden took center stage. James turned in a very solid performance (26 points, four rebounds, one assist in 30 minutes) as the Cavs used their superior size and defensive intensity to dominate the Knicks, 119-101. If this was New York's audition to prove to James that he should leave Cleveland for the Knicks in 2010 then the Knicks have a lot of work to do, assuming that James' first priority is to win a championship; the Knicks have neither championship level talent nor--more importantly--do they play a championship level style of basketball focused on defense and rebounding. The Knicks will score a lot of points this year and they may stay close enough to .500 to at least contend for a playoff berth but the difference between them and the Cavaliers could not be more stark. Check out the game recap that I wrote for CavsNews:

Cavs Rout Listless Knicks, 119-101

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At Wednesday, November 26, 2008 1:35:00 PM, Blogger madnice said...

By far the best part of Tuesday night or any NBA night of the week is Ahmad, Gary and CWebb. Payton is absolute comedy. They are better than Inside the NBA.


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