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Friday, February 20, 2009

Cavs Stand Pat--and That is Not Necessarily a Bad Thing

The Cleveland Cavaliers stood pat as the trading deadline passed yesterday but various reports suggested that they had been actively trying to acquire Shaquille O'Neal and may have also had some interest in obtaining Vince Carter. Pairing LeBron James with a big name star may sound attractive on the surface but--as I explain in my newest article for CavsNews.com--the Cavs have a championship caliber roster right now and there are very real risks involved with tampering with the squad's depth, balance and chemistry:

Sometimes the Best Trades are the Ones You Don’t Make

Also, just because the Cavs were involved in trade discussions does not necessarily mean that the front office is dissatisfied with the current roster. The Cavs are one of a small number of "buyers" in a league that has a lot of "sellers" due to the current economic climate, so it makes sense for the Cavs to explore what options are out there; after all, last season the Lakers obtained All-Star Pau Gasol without giving up any key members of their rotation and it obviously would have benefited the Cavs if they could have found a way to make a similar move.

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