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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Savor This Sunday's Matchup Between LeBron and Kobe

On Sunday, the Cleveland Cavaliers will host the L.A. Lakers in a nationally televised game. This will be the second and final meeting between these teams this season unless they both make it to the NBA Finals. The great Tom Callahan once described the vibe of Julius Erving's 1987 "Farewell Tour" as "savoring and being savored." Hopefully, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James will both be playing for many years to come but--as recent injuries to Andrew Bynum and Jameer Nelson show--you never know what is coming up just around the bend, so "savoring and being savored" is definitely the right attitude to have any time the two best players in the NBA compete against each other. Another Tom Callahan phrase also applies to this showdown: "The Best the Game Offers," his 1982 description of Larry Bird and Julius Erving. As I write in my newest piece for CavsNews.com, that is a perfect description of Bryant and James:

Savor This Sunday’s Matchup Between LeBron and Kobe

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