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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cavs Surge to the Top of the Eastern Conference

The Cleveland Cavaliers might be the most misunderstood team in the NBA. Their star, LeBron James, is no worse than the second best player in the league, their bench is good enough to be the starting lineup for a lower rung Eastern Conference playoff team and their coach, Mike Brown, is a level-headed defensive specialist who is turning the Cavs into San Antonio East--and yet media members are still proposing ludicrous trades to "improve" the team and criticizing Brown for his alleged shortcomings. What exactly is "wrong" with owning the best record in the Eastern Conference and posting victories against both of last year's NBA Finalists? Brown is not a former NBA player nor does he spout colorful quotes so apparently he will never be a media darling or fan favorite.

My newest CavsNews article explains that the Cavs passed a major test by going 8-1 in a nine game stretch that culminated in an impressive win over the defending champion L.A. Lakers:

Cavs Surge to the Top of the Eastern Conference

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At Thursday, January 14, 2010 9:52:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


lebron is best player to me but kobe is mvp no doubt 29 5 5 47 percent 3 game winners artest missed 4 games gasol 17 7 40 point games lebron lineup isdeeper and been healthy all season we need to monitor kobe back but without kobe lakers are a lottery team his teammates are overated outside of gasol by media.

the cavs will be there in the end in the east if celts are healthy that will be a great battle magic they need to be healthy as well. i like lakers cavs finals lakers in 7


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