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Friday, December 01, 2006

Warner Brothers NBA DVDs: Great Gifts for Your Favorite Basketball Fan

I just received the newest NBA DVDs from Warner Brothers. "Illest," who won the 20SecondTimeout/Warner Brothers NBA DVDs Trivia Contest, will soon be receiving from me "Detroit Pistons: Motor City Madness," Miami Heat: 15 Strong," "Houston Rockets: Clutch City" and "Greatest Moments in NBA History." The latter is a single DVD, while the others are sets consisting of 11, 13 and 8 discs respectively. Also, "Vednam," who provided a good alternative answer for question four, will be receiving "Motor City Madness."

I'm sure that any basketball fan on your holiday gift list would be thrilled to receive any or all of these DVDs--and 20SecondTimeout can help make that happen! Keep watching this space, because there will soon be a second trivia contest awarding these DVDs as prizes. The previous winners will not be eligible to win any DVDs that they received from the first contest, so if you missed out the last time you still have a chance to win. The format and rules will be a little different this time, ensuring that there will be four different winners.

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