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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

USA Basketball: Inside the Redeem Team

There are a series of 14 videos at the AT&T Blue Room site that describe how this year's Team USA--dubbed the "Redeem Team"--has been put together and provide some highlights from the just concluded pre-Olympic exhibition tour (if the videos don't play automatically after clicking on the links below, go to "connection settings" on the right hand side and make the appropriate selection for your internet setup).

Team USA Managing Director kicks off the first video by saying of Team USA's recent failures in FIBA play, "It really bothered me as an American and, quite honestly, I was mad inside because I take great pride in what we've accomplished in this country with the game of basketball."

Jerry Colangelo--Building the national team

After more than a decade of service in the Team USA program, Mike Krzyzewski was likely in line to be the head coach of the Olympic team--but when USA Basketball made the move in 1992 to use NBA players instead of college players, Krzyzewski assumed that he would never get a chance to be the team's coach. That all changed once Colangelo took over:

Selection of Coach K

After clicking on either of the above links, you will have access to the rest of the videos in a continuous play sequence. The other video titles are:

3) Team--Coming Together
4) Announcement
5) Leaders
6) Big Men
7) Redemption
8) Off Court Preparation
9) The Young Point Guards--Chris Paul & Deron Williams
10) The Role Players
11) Team USA vs. Russia
12) Team USA vs. Turkey
13) Team USA vs. Canada
14) Team USA vs. Lithuania

Some of the above footage has also been shown in the "Road to Redemption" series of TV shows.

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