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Friday, December 12, 2008

Ray Allen Understands That There is More to Life Than Basketball

There is an old saying that you win with character, not characters--but the reason that old sayings last is that they contain truth.

During a timeout in Boston's 122-88 victory over Washington, TNT's David Aldridge told the following story about Ray Allen:

"Back in Washington, D.C., where Ray Allen has had a very good night on the court, but off the court he did what he has done several times when he comes to Washington, D.C. Yesterday, at his request, seven Celtics players, Coach Doc Rivers and other team officials went with Allen to the U.S. Holocaust Museum here in Washington, D.C., which documents the attempted genocide of the Jewish people during World War II. It was Allen's fifth trip to the Museum since he's been in the league. He says that he wants to plant seeds among his teammates that there is a bigger picture in their lives than how much money they are making, what kind of cars they drive. He first did it when he was in Milwaukee when the Bucks' owner Herb Kohl was a donator to the Museum. After one of his trips, one of his friends, as they were walking out, said, 'Well, what about slavery?' To which Allen replied, 'That was slavery. This Museum is a lesson for all of us.'"

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