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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Follow Dwight Howard Live in Phoenix

Starting on Friday February 13, NBA fans will be able to get up to the minute access of Dwight Howard's All-Star Weekend experience exclusively at adidasBasketball.com. He is the first player to ever provide this kind of instant access to fans at NBA All-Star Weekend. This is just the latest example of how much communication technology has been revolutionized in the past 30 years or so.

I remember when I was a kid and you had to wait until the next day's newspaper arrived just to find out the scores of the previous night's NBA games--and if you lived in the East the boxscores from the late games out West might not appear in the newspaper for two days, meaning that you had to hope that the sports segment of the local nightly TV news had enough time left after covering high school sports to offer a brief NBA report. This began to change with the advent of SportsCenter and then the proliferation of other cable channels; once the internet came into vogue, we soon came to expect live, instant score updates.

Now, when Dwight Howard eats his breakfast during All-Star Weekend you can find out what was on the menu. What is the next step? Virtual reality enabling you to feel like you really are at All-Star Weekend? Star Trek style transporter devices that can instantly "beam" you almost anywhere? I wonder what it will be like to cover the NBA All-Star Game 30 years from now. Who knows, it may be played on the Moon or Mars, where low gravity environments could enable fan participation in the Slam Dunk Contest!

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