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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Phil Jackson Expects Basketball Hall of Fame to Eventually Honor Jerry Krause

Jerry "Crumbs" Krause--who received his derogatory nickname from none other than Michael Jordan, the one key member of the Chicago Bulls dynasty who Krause did not acquire--may never live down his infamous declaration that "organizations win championships." Krause's simmering feuds with Coach Phil Jackson, Jordan and Scottie Pippen turned many Bulls fans against the team's general manager but Jackson--a Basketball Hall of Famer who presented both Dennis Rodman and Tex Winter at the 2011 induction ceremony--recently praised Krause for Krause's principled stand regarding Winter's Hall of Fame candidacy (Krause resigned from the Hall's Veterans Committee after one of the many times that Winter did not receive the nod). Jackson added that he expects that Krause will one day be voted into the Hall and Jackson noted that, even though the two men have had their differences, they shook hands prior to his year's Hall of Fame ceremony.

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