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Wednesday, May 04, 2022

Ben Simmons' Back Injury Required Surgery, but That is Unlikely to Silence his Critics

Ben Simmons is expected to need three to four months of physical rehabilitation after having a microdiscectomy surgery scheduled for Thursday to resolve the back injury that has bothered him for months. Will "Screamin' A" Smith and his similarly misinformed colleagues who questioned Simmons' toughness now apologize for demeaning an athlete who had an injury serious enough to require surgical intervention? Will they learn humility and behave better in the future? 

You know the sad answer to that question. Being paid $10 million a year to act like a loudmouth fool means, among other things, never having to say you are sorry, and never admitting that you were wrong.

I never took potshots at Simmons, nor did I speculate about mental and/or physical health issues about which I have no firsthand information. In other words, I stuck to the known and confirmed facts, and I provided analysis/commentary based on those known and confirmed facts. That is what serious, professional journalists do. It would be great if the largest media outlets hired serious, professional journalists, but don't hold your breath waiting for that to happen.

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