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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Stephen Curry's Dad Was a Great Sharpshooter Too

Better known now as Stephen’s father, Dell Curry was a great sharpshooter in his own right, first at Virginia Tech and then during a 16-year NBA career. Dell Curry led the NBA in three point shooting percentage in 1999 (.476) and won the Sixth Man Award in 1993-94. Here is my HoopsHype.com profile of the player who had perhaps the best stepback three point shot this side of Larry Bird:

Dell Curry: Stephen's Dad Was a Great Sharpshooter Too

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posted by David Friedman @ 5:18 PM


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At Friday, April 25, 2008 8:36:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

anymous reggie

steph curry is a baller for real kansas did a good job on him late in the game but he killed gonzaga georgetown wisconsin or duke one of the two the first 3 rounds i never heard of him realy i found out his dad was dell curry no reason he could shoot so well i see. i think he could be reggie miller in the pros reggie was all time great shooter who came off the double screen and shot threes just like he does. reggie was taller i believe and could drive better i believe as well but i think in the right system he could be a reggietype. miller

At Saturday, April 26, 2008 6:40:00 AM, Blogger David Friedman said...


I'm not ready to put Stephen Curry up there with Reggie Miller but with his quick release, good hands on defense and ballhandling ability he is not going to have the same problems adapting to the NBA game that plagued one dimensional college shooters like Trajan Langdon and J.J. Redick. Curry is a baller, not just a standstill shooter. I loved watching Dell play and Stephen is like the "mini-me" version of Dell--and Stephen may yet grow a bit and fill out to the point that he will be as big as his father.


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