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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Find the Data Provides Detailed Information About Pro Basketball Franchises

One way that websites try to increase traffic and improve their "page rank" is to exchange links with many other websites but I prefer quality to quantity and I don't want to maintain a "link dump" (or any other kind of dump) here; when I put a link in "Cool Links" I want to be reasonably confident that if one of my readers clicks on that link he will not feel like he wasted his time (I just removed two links from that section because I found out that they are no longer active links).

I added Compare NBA Franchises to the "Cool Links" section because this page--part of the Find the Data website--includes a lot of interesting information about not just the 30 active NBA franchises but also 22 defunct pro basketball franchises, including ABA teams like the Virginia Squires; Basketball Hall of Famers Julius Erving and George Gervin both started their professional careers with the Squires, playing for Coach Al Bianchi. Erving joined the Squires in 1971-72, while Gervin arrived during the middle of the 1972-73 season. Erving told me that he used to play one on one with Gervin after practice in order to sharpen each other's skills and get to know each other better, an idea that Erving got from Pete Maravich during the brief time that Erving and Maravich both played for the Atlanta Hawks during the 1972 preseason.

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At Wednesday, February 22, 2012 11:50:00 PM, Anonymous JLK1 said...

That's a neat link, but Basketball Reference has so much stuff these days that it's worth mentioning. Their teams page is here:


It has somewhat different win totals for the franchises. It looks like it might go back further. Then you can go into franchise pages and view, say every player in their database who played for the 76ers:


Then you can sort by minutes played or points scored or whatever. I suspect you might already be familiar with the site, but I quite often find tools and listings on there that I didn't know existed.


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