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Monday, January 14, 2008

MVP/RoY Rankings, Part IV

The fourth edition of the blogger MVP/RoY rankings has just been posted at Sixers 4 Guidos.

Here are links to the previous three editions:

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Here is my complete ballot exactly as I submitted it (MVP and RoY votes are scored on a 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 and 5-4-3-2-1 basis respectively, so Bryant is my top MVP pick and Durant is my top RoY pick):


10-Kobe Bryant: He has completely confounded the critics who asserted that his attitude would bring down the Lakers this season. The Lakers are on pace to win more than 50 games and it is time for the player who is acknowledged to be the league's best player to finally win an MVP.
9-LeBron James: He continues to put up excellent numbers but if Nash and Dirk got MVPs over Kobe because of their team's records then how can LeBron be honored over Kobe this season?
8-Dwight Howard: He is the most physically imposing post player in the NBA right now.
7-Kevin Garnett: He is not putting up the best numbers of his career--far from it--but his impact on Boston's success is obvious.
6-Tim Duncan: Two-time MVP has become the forgotten man in MVP talk in recent seasons.
5-Chris Paul: Rapidly earning recognition as perhaps the league's best point guard.
4-Dirk Nowitzki: The MVP who everybody loves to criticize, his numbers have been going up and the Mavs are rolling.
3-Steve Nash: Still highly productive but the bloom seems to be off of the rose in Phoenix--the Suns have a poor record against the best teams in the West and just recently lost to Paul's Hornets.
2-Amare Stoudemire: He is having an outstanding year and making everyone forget about his previous knee injuries.
1-Allen Iverson: Seemingly a forgotten man now, Iverson is putting up big numbers for Denver, including a career-high field goal percentage.

Dropped from the list since last time: Tracy McGrady

Added to the list since last time: Allen Iverson


5-Kevin Durant: His field goal percentage has inched upwards but is still in the .400 range. His talent is obvious but his floor game is not yet as good as advertised. I still don't understand why he has been crowned already as a star in the making. He may very well become a star but it is premature to say so until his body fills out and his game expands beyond just shooting a lot.
4-Al Horford: Continues to put up good rebounding numbers and shoot a good field goal percentage.
3-Sean Williams: Rebounder/shot blocker who shoots a good field goal percentage.
2-Yi Jianlian: He hit a bit of a slump recently but his overall production to date still merits putting him on the list.
1-Luis Scola: Getting steady minutes recently and putting up solid numbers.

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