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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

NBA Eastern and Western Conference Previews

The NBA regular season is about to tip-off. Everybody "knows" that the San Antonio Spurs will face the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals--but what if those teams stumble or are hit by injuries to key players? Which other teams are true contenders to reach the NBA Finals--and which ones just think that they are? Here are links to my NBA Previews at Basketball Spotlight:

Eastern Conference, Part I (top five teams):

Miami is stockpiling name talent, New Jersey has the best 6-7 and under squad and LeBron finally has a worthy wingman. The NBA season is just around the corner and Basketball Spotlight is the place to go to find out who will be the elite teams in the Eastern Conference this year.


Eastern Conference, Part II (remaining three playoff teams and the "Road to Secaucus"):

“Play the right way” makes its Broadway debut while Milwaukee hopes to drive a Ford to the playoffs. You’ve heard of being a legend in your own mind—Orlando is a contender in its own mind. Atlanta and Charlotte have excellent title chances—in the NBDL. Yes, it’s Part II of the Eastern Conference Preview, with bonus coverage of the Road to Secaucus.


Western Conference, Part I (top five teams):

Picking San Antonio to win the West is boring, predictable—and the only rational choice, particularly with Amare Stoudemire on the shelf for at least four months. Part I of the Western Conference Preview tells you which teams have the best chance to dethrone the Spurs if the defending champs falter.


Western Conference, Part II (remaining three playoff teams and the "Road to Secaucus"):

Kobe and Phil have reunited—-will it feel good? Can Seattle stay alive in the playoff chase after enjoying surprising success in 2004-05? Quick, read Part II of the Western Conference Preview before I make another reference to a 1970s song lyric!


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